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Impact a Life



In 2007, John Wallace, owner of JW Floor Covering & Re:Source Floors in San Diego, California, participated in a mission trip to Mozambique, Africa, to help build a church.  He was so inspired by his experiences and the joy of providing service to those in need, he decided he wanted to do even more to give back.

Upon his return, he established a 13 member charity committee to help him achieve his goal.  Its initial emphasis was on providing donations to worthwhile community service organizations and individuals, but quickly changed to become a service based volunteer community service organization.

In 2008, JW & Re:Source Floors Outreach for Humanity (“OUTREACH”) was established as a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit charitable organization, whose mission is “Impacting Lives”.  Outreach is a grass-roots,  100% volunteer-run organization, led by a 15 member board of directors with the help of hundreds of volunteers throughout the year!



To compassionately serve those in need by providing financial support, time and talent in order to impact lives for the better; while creating an environment that encourages others to participate in a selfless manner.



Impacting Lives One Community Service Project at a Time!



  1. Provide Build/Flooring Projects for worthwhile non-profit organizations or individuals in need.

  2.  Provide donated filled Backpacks to worthwhile charitable community service organizations.

  3.  Provide donated Holiday Meals to local enlisted military families.

  4. Provide donated hand-made baby blankets, scarves & other items through our Crochet Crew.

  5. Provide fundraising opportunities to increase Outreach budget and therefore increase number of community service projects, through events, grant writing, corporate sponsorship and individual memberships.

  6.  Create a Culture of Service, from children to adults, all the while helping improving our communities

Board Member Spotlight



Amy Ramirez



Vendor Liaison/Director



Sales Executive at Re:Source Floors, inc. 


Board Member Since:



3 Words to Describe Self:

Kind, Competent, smiley! 





Veterans for Peace, Backpack Stuffing- TBA

Bread of Life, Backpack Stuffing- TBA

Interfaith, Backpack Stuffing- TBA

SD Rescue Mission, Backpack Stuffing- TBA

Veterans Village, Backpack Stuffing- TBA

Alpha Project, Backpack Stuffing- TBA

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